Creative Problem Solving training
CPS enables teams to mobilize, develop and capitalize on their members’ collective creativity.
This training comprises the teaching of the basic stances and reflexes, such as risk-taking, autonomy, responsibility, audacity, respect and deferred judgment, that are needed for a creative climate in which lasting innovation can occur. Each participant develops a repertoire of applied creative thought techniques, selected according to their profession, their talents and those of the group.

Innovative team dynamics
This workshop aims to equip managers with techniques to energize teams and moderators to help groups find innovative solutions. It draws on techniques that create a climate and modes of functioning that are conducive to success. This approach makes project management more efficient, and is a powerful driver of collaboration.

Manager training
Offered to groups of managers from different companies or within the one company, this training is designed to optimize the value of teams at all levels. Different creativity techniques are covered, with a focus on the ideal environment, climate and management positioning in which to foster creativity in a team. This training is customized for management committees.

Open-enrollment training in Creative Problem Solving
Training takes place in 5 stages:

  1. Initiation of the CPS innovation process, major milestones, exploratory (divergent) and inclusive (convergent) thinking
  2. CPS, introduction to FourSight and CPS supplementary techniques
  3. Dynamics of innovation groups, supporting project groups and teams
  4. Facilitation of innovation groups with CPS : stance as a facilitator, preparation and development of facilitation guides, criteria for selecting techniques, facilitation, supporting the client, feedback and reporting
  5. Integration of team dynamics and the CPS method for innovative facilitation of real cases

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