Whole Brain Thinking

Worlding consultants draw on the work of Ned Herrmann and Kobus Neethling on brain dominance.

Ned Herrmann was the first to develop and approve a typology of thinking styles linked to the four quadrants of the brain. The quadrants are: L1, left cortical; L2, left limbic; R1, right cortical; and R2, right limbic. The typology describes our natural and spontaneous tendencies to call on certain parts of the brain that correspond with styles of cognitive functioning and specific behavior – such as using either the left or right hand to write.

Olwen Wolfe is certified by SolutionsFinding, a company that assures the training of practitioners in NBI® (Neethling Brain Instruments) and the distribution of tools. Olwen developed the ‘Synergy Game©’ tool, which works in diverse cultural and professional contexts.

The use of brain dominance produces ‘Whole Brain Thinking’, which helps individuals and groups better harness their cognitive resources and behaviors.

Worlding offers training sessions in the application of brain dominance typology to managers and facilitators wishing to improve the collective intelligence and efficiency of groups.

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