Agence de consultants multiculturels, experts en créativité et en leadership innovant

Worlding is a multicultural consulting agency specializing in creativity and innovative leadership. Our consultants help clients develop innovative cultures in which they can achieve their change projects and generate more value. To reach this objective, we deploy methods that allow us to increase synergies at the core of a business.

Drawing on the world's most respected typologies of thinking styles, Worlding has adapted Creative Problem Solving (CPS) processes for cross-functional and cross-cultural projects. The CPS approach helps develop a person's capacities for innovation and enriches the creative stages of personal and group projects.

Because people who employ these methods find them relevant to their own specific needs, they are particularly effective for stimulating innovation. When deployed over time, these processes can infuse a veritable culture of innovation within an organization.

Worlding also offers training in the form of seminars adapted to the clients' context that focus on improving group dynamics and team management.

All Worlding services can be provided by native English speakers.

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