A few Worlding highlights from 2017

Publié le 18/12/2017

March 2017

Worlding partners with Nick Millet and Elapse, a local French theatre company, to support the Parisian production of the American play, Circle, Mirror, Transformation at “L’étoile du Nord”.


September 2017

Worlding launches two new, first-year university courses, “Introduction to CPS” and “CreaCoaching” at the Ecole Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur! Seventy students learn the fundamentals of CPS and work on their individual professional projects while exploring CreaCoaching techniques. Click here to buy your copy of Creacoaching: Boost Your Coaching with over 50 Creative Techniques.


October 2017

Worlding sends a multicultural “Dream Team” to Algiers to facilitate a seminar for top managers at Sonatrach, the leading company on the African continent. Five international and bilingual consultants for 120 participants; 10 in-house facilitators to train; 4 days working on-site; event held at the CIC (Centre International de Conférences) in Algiers—a spectacular new complex which is over one kilometer long!

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