A few Worlding highlights from 2018

Publié le 20/12/2018

January 2018

Our 3rd book is underway! The first edition will be released in French and is composed of easy-to-understand comic strips which explain various CPS techniques, creative climate warm-up exercises, and much more. Enjoy a sneak peek here of our mini guide to reverse brainstorming (put on your French thinking caps!)


March 2018

We are delighted to kick off our latest seminar for managers at Orange, “Redesign Work Activities With Your Team”. 400 managers will benefit in France this year; 600 projected in 2019 in France and abroad.


June 2018

In response to client demand, Worlding introduces an individualized mentoring program which combines training and coaching techniques to mentor clients in applied creativity and innovation. The program is customized to meet individuals’ needs — when the pressure is on to show confidence and get results!


September 2018

Bring-Innovation-to-Work Day! Multiple companies book Worlding consultants for a day-long workshop which presents innovation strategies and techniques to members of their executive committee. CPS is used to stimulate structured creative and innovative thinking.


December 2018

Neom, a firm specialized in management training, invites us to bring our know-how in creativity and innovation to one of their clients in the mass retail sector. We’ll be teaching the basics of Creative Problem Solving during regular days dedicated to innovation. No subject is off limits!


We end the year with a creative, festive, intercultural and bilingual event in an international accounting firm. The team learns how to transform new challenges within their industry into opportunities.

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