Coaching / consulting

CCI Jura


Interactive conference on creativity and innovation

Context/Objectives: To raise awareness among companies in the Jura region about the role of creativity in the innovation process, as part of their Quality Month.

Mission: An interactive conference on creativity, innovation and necessary conditions to achieve operational success. The two-and-a-half hour conference was developed and delivered by two consultants for 170 CCI Jura guests.

Results: A whole region was introduced to creative approaches and shown how to apply these to its operations.



Multicultural team seminar

Context/Objectives: To help a multicultural team of solar energy researchers and managers working on different sites get to know one other better, work better together and bolster their sense of belonging to the team and corporation, during an annual seminar.

Mission: A three-day seminar in English for a 35-person team with three facilitators including one graphic facilitator.

Results: The team discovered or improved its understanding of the keys to creative functioning, shared experiences and research progress, and constructed a common vision of the future.

Groupe La Poste


Innovative team dynamics

Context/Objectives: To reinforce team cohesion among new arrivals, and familiarize each participant with their innovation profile (FourSight profiles)

Mission: A half-day session on FourSight profiles and a creative session on the team’s positioning in relation to corporate missions. One consultant for a 10-person group.

Results: The team shared ideas about innovation projects for the group based on its own innovation style.