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Worlding is an expert in team-building and group coaching. Our offer to teams is designed to help them better work and innovate together in order to instill a lasting positive dynamic. These offers are adaptable to teams as well as individuals:

Consulting on developing innovative cultures
Worlding works with companies to help them put in place the success factors needed to establish a veritable culture of innovation. This might be on a personal level, in methods and processes, in the workplace environment, or in fact anywhere we can act to drive the desired change.

Team seminars (events, meetings or annual general meetings)
Seminar participants come together to experience the constructive upwards spiral of a team, which progresses from “getting to know each other” to “performing together” (inspired by Bruce Tuckman and Patrick Lencioni’s methods). The seminars pit the teams against a real-life challenge designed to foster group cohesion, using typologies and creativity techniques and with co-construction as the underlying concept. Each participant leaves with a better understanding of their mission and greater visibility of the actions that need to be undertaken, which enhances the effectiveness of the group. On an individual level meanwhile, the benefits include heightened energy and self-confidence.

Coaching, team support and development, driving change
Our objective is to help both managers and teams initiate an endless circle whereby through working better together they can form a common vision and build concrete and relevant action plans. Change projects are undertaken over two to three years, with milestones based on team seminars and regular meetings in order to support the team in charge.

Identification of team profiles
On the orientation day, teams are introduced to FourSight™, MBTI and other typologies of thinking styles, enabling individuals to discover creative functioning within the team. Analysis of these data is essential for assuring team cohesion. Group members share their points in common and draw on these to better succeed together.

Following this, during days dedicated to application and case studies, the group learns to better understand how individuals function and the value in creating teams that have truly complementary skills.

Individual professional coaching drawing on Creative Problem Solving and typologies of thinking styles (FourSight™, MBTI, CCTI)

  • Development of creativity and interpersonal skills
  • Exploration and realization of professional changes
  • Support in facilitating creativity
  • Better investment of personal energy
  • Effectiveness and accrued success

Identifying the profile (FourSight™, MBTI)

  • Your style of creativity and innovation
  • Your style of leadership
  • Your style of learning
  • Your style of facilitation

Multicultural seminars
What is the best way to work across boundaries of culture, professions, contexts and generations? How do you identify the complementary elements of vision and practices? How do you work together – often at distance – in a way which makes sense and is effective for everyone? We develop and lead multicultural seminars that build on intercultural modes of thinking and collaborative working methods to improve collective intelligence and results.

All Worlding services can be provided by native English speakers.


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