Creative facilitation

Worlding deploys a suite of innovation and creativity tools and techniques for organizations of all sizes wishing to resolve challenges related to innovation and change.

Creativity and the production of business strategies
We offer support and strategic consulting based on Creative Problem Solving techniques. This entails the clarification of issues, generation of ideas, development of business strategy and the implementation of actions.

Creative production of new offers, products and services
The workshops offered can either focus 100% on CPS, or combine qualitative studies with creativity techniques (data collection, creativity, idea testing). Users or potential clients can be involved as co-creators or even as partners in co-innovation.

Creative Problem Solving
Processes, organization, quality, and cost reduction are just some of the numerous challenges that can become real hurdles to a company’s development. Creative Problem Solving is a valuable method for finding solutions. Implemented in several steps, its effectiveness is recognized by creativity experts.

Company events
Bring together your managers and teams for a moment of inspiration and reflection, to share strategies or create new perspectives. Or perhaps you wish to have a pleasant and productive experience in which everyone contributes and leaves with a better understanding and feeling more engaged? We can help you develop an event that’s both creative and memorable, and which communicates your values.

All Worlding services can be provided by native English speakers.


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