Creative Problem Solving (CPS)

The Osborn-Parnes process for the creative resolution of problems (Creative Problem Solving or CPS) is a method with wide applications for resolving several types of problems and identifying opportunities to improve the efficiency of actions. CPS is based on 50 years of research and practice in the business world and elsewhere (education, social change, health, etc.). We have adapted the method for European audiences and continue to develop it. We lead groups and train them in using this method.

The practical component usually involves:

– A starting point, which might be a problem, goal, wish or challenge,

– A destination point, which is reached with an action plan for implementing the best solution or option.

The method is based around sessions with groups of people with diverse outlooks. The roles are clearly defined, with one person directly responsible for ensuring the project achieves optimal success and the others acting as a creative resource. The facilitator or session leader assures the method, while staying neutral concerning the content.