Jungian typology – MBTI-CCTI

Carl Gustav Jung proposed a typology based on psychological types to characterize and understand the way a person functions and the differences therein between people. Instead of taking issue with someone for their attitudes or behavior, we can understand that they are of a different type and therefore approach the world with different priorities to you. The MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) and CCTI (Caillou Cauvin Type Indicator) use this typology to distinguish 16 psychological types.

In individual coaching, the participant realizes that understanding their type means having a better awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, and therefore a greater capacity to invest and manage their energy wisely.

For participants in group training sessions, understanding their type allows them to uncover precious information about their functioning and their ways of interacting in groups. This approach can be used in a company to help employees discover their type and that of their colleagues, thereby resulting in a greater understanding – and tolerance – of others. The confidence this builds helps foster a constructive and effective working environment.

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