Our partners

When necessary, Worlding draws on external expertise in order to enrich and complement its skills:


Sandra Minnee, A’MARE (The Netherlands)
Sandra enjoys contributing to the intensified effectiveness of executives, teams, and organizations, creating appreciation for the unique qualities of each individual and finding the bonding commonalities between them. To her, successful organizations are like the seas all over the world that she loves looking at, sailing over, and scuba diving into: ever changing, interacting with what is around them, and offering a productive system to all creatures and elements that inhabit them. Sandra is certified in Creative Problem Solving and SIT.  She developed the online assessment tool BrainStyles@Work and wrote a book on a coaching approach drawing on creativity techniques.

In three words: vision, energy, harmony


Olivier Gaultier, GALAÏTE CONSEIL & FORMATION (France)
Olivier assists organizations in their quest for change. This proud Breton sailor – who has berths on the Mediterranean and in Paris – swapped his captain’s hat for a map and compass. Olivier develops and leads external seminars (primarily at sea) that allow organizations to regain their bearings and strengthen the team spirit. Olivier benefits Worlding with his support as an experienced operational leader and managing director.

In three words: look, leadership, enthusiasm


Ghislaine de Valon, ACTIONS MANAGEMENT (France)
Ghislaine takes to the development of managers and directors with the same enthusiasm she employs to scale the summits and explore the valleys of the French Alps – always seeking new heights and distances from which to appreciate the beauty of the landscape. Certified in MBTI, FourSight and Creative Problem Solving, Ghislaine de Valon always aims for her expeditions to be meaningful, constructive and enjoyable. She has fastened her skills in assisting change to Worlding’s roped party.

In three words: change, intuition, quartet