Olwen Wolfe

Worlding director Olwen Wolfe founded the agency in 1999. She is an expert in – and passionate about – the development of innovative cultures in organizations of all sizes. A connoisseur of good wine, Olwen knows that the best vintages require attention and patience to attain their peak. This underpins her daily work in supporting the professional development of people and teams, as well as her role as a member of the Créa-Université pedagogic committee and contributions she makes to multiple global creativity expert networks.

At Worlding, Olwen has successfully created a working culture in line with what she offers clients, whereby expertise is refined in a qualitative manner. She develops and directs projects for and with clients, applying the same careful approach in combining multiculturalism, cross-functionality, continuous improvement and curiosity that an expert winemaker takes with a vintage.

Today, Olwen focusses on individual and team coaching for top management, and designing programs aiming to develop skills in “better working together” and “better innovating and evolving together”.

A graduate in psychology and the economics of developing countries, Olwen was certified in Creative Problem Solving by its co-inventor Dr. Sidney Parnes. Also certified in several typologies of thinking styles, she continues to develop innovative concepts and working tools.

Some of her secrets are revealed in her book J’innove comme on respire (I innovate like we breathe) (2007, Editions Le Palio), which was the first French work to cover how Creative Problem Solving can be adapted to diverse modes of thinking.

In three words: diversity, transmission, evolution