Victoria Willis

The professional career of Victoria Willis started in audio-visual production and the development and use of new multimedia supports. She is consistently at the cutting edge of innovation in new technology, being among the first in France to be involved with CD-ROMs, and then helping introduce DVDs in 1996 and launch VOD in 2004.

Victoria is certified in Creative Problem Solving as well as FourSight and Jungian typologies, and was among the earliest alumni of the certificat universitaire de formation à la créativité. At Worlding she employs her skills in facilitating, listening and being patient to achieve harmony in groups. Her experience in international project management is particularly beneficial when creating bonds between people with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, helping to assure success in the client’s professional projects.

Equestrian dressage is a permanent source of inspiration for Victoria; establishing an authentic bond with the horse requires the rider to effect numerous and subtle changes and to share full confidence with the animal. Human relationships are not so different after all. With this in mind, Victoria works with clients on activities that develop their personnel, teams and new concepts.

In three words: commitment, accompaniment, openness